Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Service

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Service (a subsidiary of Bates Investigations, Inc.) has been providing electronic countermeasures services for a number of corporate and government clients since 1986.

These surveys include a complete electronic and physical inspection of all telephone instruments, fax machines, etc which are located in each of the offices or meeting rooms where sensitive or confidential information is discussed or transmitted to other persons or companies. These areas will usually include most of the primary corporate officers’ offices, company security managers’ office and designated conference rooms. We conduct a complete radio frequency spectrum analysis from 20.0 KHz to 12.0 GHz, carrier current transmitter inspections, infrared transmitter analysis, thermal imaging inspection and any other inspections as deemed necessary for each particular location.

We believe that electronic countermeasures security inspections should be a routine part of the overall security services of any company that is seriously concerned about their communications security and protection of proprietary information. We highly recommend an “on-going” security process as opposed to a “one time” inspection, which can provide a false sense of security, resulting in more harm than good being provided to the business. We usually recommend that three to four inspections be conducted at any facility during a one-year period (based on individual needs). The initial inspection of any facility is much more time consuming and difficult than follow-up inspections; so, subsequent electronic countermeasures security surveys can be conducted in a much shorter period of time.

We provide a written report (after each inspection), which details what types of inspections were conducted, results of those inspections and any recommendations we may have to improve communications security for the client.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Service’s hourly rate is $350 per hour when we use two technicians and $250 per hour when we use one technician. When we conduct a countermeasures inspection, we provide all necessary equipment. When conducting countermeasures inspections outside the Austin, Texas area, we charge a flat rate of $2,500 per day (U.S. Dollars) for up to 10 hours of work in a day. If we are required to travel on a day that no countermeasures work is done (to or from a client’s location) we charge $100.00 per hour for actual travel time (airport to hotel). We charge the client the exact cost of hotel, plane fare (commercial airlines), meals, taxi and any other related expenses.

Because “follow-up” inspections can be conducted more quickly, there is usually a subsequent reduction in cost for providing these services.

While conducting our electronic countermeasures security surveys, technicians may note other security related issues that are not directly tied to the electronic countermeasures inspection being conducted. These types of items could include physical security, personal protection issues or other general security matters. We do advise the client of any such items (that are noted) and make recommendations regarding improvement of security in any area where deficiencies are noted (in a written report). It is our desire to assist the client in improving both electronic and physical security shortfalls that may be noted as we conduct our surveys.

“… as good as the best and better than the rest – a real dog that will hunt.”

Austin, Texas